Choosing the Right Container for Your Cannabis

Walking into a dispensary for the first time, or even the tenth, can be a little overwhelming. With such a wealth of options of brands, strains, and packaging types, decision paralysis can easily set in.

While decisions on whether to purchase flower, concentrates, edibles, or a refreshing cannabis beverage comes down to personal choice and need, the choice of which packaging to choose comes down to science — pure and simple. 

Understanding the science behind packaging can better inform your decision on what brand of flower to purchase. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to packaging. 

Open Dispensary vs. Sealed Product

At 58% of sales on average, flower continues to be the primary category of cannabis purchased at dispensaries. However, the way flower is packaged and sold is not consistent. There are two primary ways flower is sold at dispensaries: 

Deli-style: flower is weighed out from a clear storage container for each purchase.

Pre-packaged: flower is weighed out and packaged ahead of time.

Pre-packaged flower offers several advantages. First, pre-packaging reduces the risk of contamination. Most regulators in the United States require that third-party labs perform microbial safety testing.

The goal is to ensure bacteria, fungus, and pests do not compromise the product. Secure, airtight packaging protects the flower from these microscopic blights. 

At a deli-style dispensary, nugs are picked up by budtenders and inspected by customers, leaving the door open for bacteria and other germs. Robust packaging also seals in the flower’s freshness.

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