4 Hemp Home Accessories Retailers and Cannasseurs Will Love

JOKA Kapsamer’s lounge furniture range, Viale & Corso, features hemp cushion covers. The natural fibers accent the minimalist aesthetic of the series.

Revor Group also took a minimalist approach in the design of its SIGNATUR bed. It’s crafted from wood, organic wool, organic cotton, hemp, natural latex, horsehair, linen, and jute. 


Hemp sunglasses would display beautifully on any retail shelf. They are lightweight, naturally antibacterial, and offer UV protection.

Hemp Eyewear Edinburgh is one purveyor of hemp glasses that are both eco-friendly and stylish. Each pair is handmade in the company’s Scotland workshop.

Hemp3d, an American company based in Nebraska, offers several unique eyewear styles. Bio-based hemp composite frames pair with UV protective lenses.

The company also makes custom items and other hemp-based accessories.

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