Melatonin & Marijuana (Weed, CBD, THC, Cannabis): Can You Take Them Together? What Happens?

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Studies suggest that marijuana can increase the levels of natural melatonin in our bodies. The combination of marijuana’s soothing, sedative effects, and melatonin’s ability to regulate the sleep cycle work well together.

That means when taken together, the effectivity of both marijuana and melatonin to induce sleep is boosted.

The problem encountered by marijuana users is the lack of dreams due to THC’s effect that reduces REM sleep (the stage where we dream the most).

Taking melatonin and weed together makes them more effective but is it safe? Taking CBD and melatonin together is safe unless you consume too much. Research says that THC can regulate melatonin levels in the body in two possible ways – either stimulating or inhibiting it.

Can you take CBD oil with melatonin? Yes, you can. There are many supplements available that have both CBD oil and melatonin in them. These two can work together to help you to get better sleep. CBD (cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its ability to promote relaxation and to reduce anxiety. Melatonin is a natural chemical that regulates the sleep-wake cycles.

Can melatonin get you high? No, it’s very unlikely to get you high. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland to manage circadian rhythm. It signals to the body when to sleep and when to wake up. It’s discovered to be an antioxidant and is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect too.

Marijuana with high THC and/or high CBD might be your choice if you are looking for an effective sedative. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to pain, stress, or anxiety, you would want a marijuana product with high CBD levels in it. But if you need a supplement to help regulate your sleeping pattern, you should take melatonin instead.

In conclusion yes, you definitely can take weed and melatonin together as long as you can have a full night of sleep.

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