The Importance of Marijuana Packaging from a Marketer’s Perspective

Think about a product that you recently purchased and the package that it came in. Was the packaging complex and interesting, or was the packaging simple and straight forward? How did the packaging draw you into purchasing the product? Packaging is a critical component of a successful product because it showcases the brand and therefore sets the tone of a product in the marketplace. Here are a few things to think about when deciding on marijuana packaging from a marketing point of view.

Six Marijuana Packaging Considerations

Do you have to contend with any packaging regulations for the product you are planning on putting inside the package?  

You need to ensure that the packaging you chose satisfies the requirements that have been set fourth for the product you are planning on selling. For example, is the product you are selling required to be in a child resistant package?

Does the package fit your product?

This seems like an easy question to answer. But I have worked with more than one client that has fallen in love with the look for feel of a certain package without considering if the item(s) they are planning on putting in said package will actually fit in the package.  You do not want to cram or stuff your product into a package.  Choose a package that displays the product inside in a clean and efficient manner.

Does the package fit in with the story you are telling? 

If you have created a product that needs to be portrayed as high end, you need to ensure the package that has been chosen for this product tells the same story.  In addition, the labeling on the package needs to agree with the attitude that is being set with the package itself.  Are you planning on selling a high-quality product or a product that is for the budget conscious?  A cheap looking package for a product that you would like to be perceived as premium gives a conflicting message which can confuse potential consumers. Stick with the same story for your packaging, labeling and product.

Does this package fit in with the price you would like to charge for the product? 

There really is no rule of thumb here. Your spend on packaging depends on how much money you would like the sale of each unit if your product to generate. One approach is to start with the cost of manufacturing the product.  Then think about the price you would like to charge for the product.  Subtract cost to manufacture the product (per unit) from the price you are planning on charging for your product; this will give you a margin without packaging.  Then, think about how much margin you are willing to dedicate to packaging. 5%? 10%? Once you have decided on how much margin you are willing to dedicate to packaging you now have a target price for packaging.

Will the artwork for my brand fit on the package?  

The identity of the product is the brand and a package must showcase a brand in a clear and concise manner. The shape of the package you chose matters here as well.  Does the shape of your artwork fit and make sense on the package you have chosen? IE is the artwork aesthetically pleasing on the package you have chosen?

Finally, the package you use should protect the product inside.  

Is the product fragile and therefore needs sturdy packaging to protect it? Or is your product bullet proof and as a result can be sold in a softer, less rigid package?

There are just a few things to think about when you are thinking about packaging.  It is a more complicated decision than most think so chose your packaging wisely! The packaging you use will be a significant component of how your product is perceived by your customers!

Amy Wessman

VP Sales & Marketing CRATIV Packaging

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