How Does Packaging Affect Buying Decisions?

In the past few months CRATIV Packaging has experienced significant growth.  What started out as a small unknown blip in the cannabis marketplace has now turned into a packaging company with wheels.  We are catering to all sorts of clients from many types of edibles, to prerolls, and flower.  As a result, we have had the unique opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of brands and price points.


Last week I met with two representatives from Pacific Stone, which is one of our newer customers. Pacific Stone is a unique company that has created a high quality, reasonably priced product with a goal of making cannabis accessible to almost everyone. Our discussion last week made me ask myself what I think “packaging for everyone” is and what affect packaging has on  buying decisions.  As a result, I went out and asked some friends and family what they look for not only in packaging, but what about a package prompts a person to try a new product. Here is what they said.


“I appreciate packaging that is biodegradable or recyclable, eco-friendly, dependable and is quality. Packaging definitely has to reflect quality.” – M 70 + yrs old


“I like packaging that is stackable because my storage is limited. It also has to be easy to use and open.” – S 43 yrs old


“I like packaging that has bold, solid colors.  Banza noodles is a good example – simple to read too.  I love Mrs. Meyers and Dr. Bronner products but their packaging is hard to read.” – J 43 yrs old.


“I like packaging that is eco-friendly and has an eye-catching design.” B – 42 yrs old


“The wine industry exists because of cool packaging.  Yes, I do choose some products based on how the package looks.  If the item has a cool package I am open to trying new things. And if the product is quality even better.  Packaging has to be effective as well – how handy is it to open if I am exercising is important.  Packaging is a differentiator for sure.” – B 50 years old


“At point of purchase I believe packaging is critical in terms of eye appeal.  Especially in impulse terms of impulse buys.” G- 78 yrs old


“I think packaging relays a message.  It sets the tone for how a product is will be perceived and received by the consumer.”  A – 43 yrs old


“Packaging depends on the product.  If it is something you buy all of the time, the packaging has to stand out; it has to be noticeable.  Packaging makes it easy to recognize the product I purchase time and time again.  If it is unfamiliar and there are several choices the more attractive package draws your attention the most.” F – 75 yrs old


“Packaging is important from a branding perspective. It should be in synch with the brand and on the same level as the package quality.  People in my business have asked to scale back on packaging because they feel it is bad for the environment. I feel guilty when I order Amazon Prime and my dish soap shows in a huge box, bubble wrapped. I do not think I am doing our planet any favors by trying to save time.” A – 49 yrs old


Now I recognize that the comments above are limited and reflect just a small portion of the population’s thoughts around packaging.  BUT, what these comments show is something that I already knew, that packaging is a critical component of the decision process. And, packaging not only plays a functional role in protecting and showcasing a product but it also plays a critical role in getting potential customers to try a new product.

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