German Adult-Use to Revolutionize Cannabis Inventory Strategies

As the dust settled on the 2021 federal election in Germany, excitement among cannabis enthusiasts erupted — with good reason.

Before the election late last year, members of what would become the governing coalition expressed a desire to legalize cannabis in Germany. Many of them spoke at the International Business Conference in Berlin just weeks before the election. 

Since that time, lawmakers have worked to craft a legalization measure. How long the political process will take is currently unknown. But, legalization is inevitable in Germany.

Once legal adult-use sales launch in Europe’s largest cannabis market, cannabis retail logistics will undergo a massive revolution.

Part of the revolution will occur due to German ingenuity. It’s no secret that Germany is an international leader when it comes to innovation, which will spread to the cannabis industry.

Another reason cannabis retail logistics will undergo a revolution is out of necessity. Once Germany’s adult-use industry is launched, it will instantly become the largest national adult-use market on Earth.

At the time of this writing, the only two countries where adult-use sales are legal at a national level are Uruguay and Canada. In Uruguay, sales are limited to residents only.

That means the only comparator will be Canada, and it doesn’t take much digging to realize Germany is much larger than Canada in terms of cannabis industry potential.

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