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Crativ Packaging in the News | Pre-roll Packaging | Crativ Packaging

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As stated in some of our written pieces over the past few months, CRATIV Packaging started as an idea with a dash of passion and has turned into a company with real grit and staying power in the cannabis space. Over the past few months CRATIV has experienced some significant growth that can only be described as exponential.  A significant component of our growth can be attributed to several publications including us in their stories around child resistant packaging and cannabis.


The fantastic team at Quartzy ( has been kind enough to include CRATIV in a recent article profiling companies that have helped transform child resistant packaging in the cannabis industry.  Quartzy is an online publication and they can describe themselves as “lifestyle, culture, and living well in the new global economy.” The article can be found here: team here at CRATIV feels very fortunate to be part of such a fast paced and inclusive market. A big THANK YOU to Quartzy for including is in your article!


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