Top 10 April Fools’ Day Pranks

The day is nearly upon us. The day where no one can be trusted. The day where everything means everything but also nothing. That’s right, April Fools is coming. April Fools’ Day is celebrated around the world on April 1st each year. It’s a time when people play pranks on one another and try to trick their friends and family into believing something that isn’t true.

While some people take this day very seriously, others use it as an opportunity to have a bit of fun and let their creativity run wild. Well, guess what? If you’re looking for some April Fools’ Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be sharing the top 10 light-hearted April Fools’ Day gags that are sure to get a laugh. Remember, it’s only a bit of fun. Let’s go. 

History of April Fool’s Day

Before we throw you some great pranking ideas, let’s first look back and try to understand how a day of tricking your friends and family ever became an actual annual tradition. The history is a bit unclear, as its origins are not well-documented. However, there are several theories about how the holiday came to be.

Theory 1

One theory is that April Fools’ Day has its roots in ancient Roman festivals such as Hilaria, which was celebrated on March 25th. During Hilaria, people would play pranks on one another and engage in general fun.. It’s possible that this tradition evolved over time and eventually became associated with April 1st.

Theory 2

Another theory is that April Fools’ Day is related to the vernal equinox, which falls on or around March 20th. The equinox represents the beginning of spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. It’s possible that the holiday evolved from ancient spring festivals that involved playing pranks and engaging in other forms of lighthearted mischief.

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Theory 3

In the Middle Ages, it’s believed that April Fools’ Day became associated with the Feast of Fools, a festival that was held in many European countries during the Christmas season. During the Feast of Fools, people would elect a “Lord of Misrule” who would preside over the festivities and encourage people to engage in all sorts of silly behaviour, including pranks and jokes.

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However April Fools’ Day came about, it is a brilliant excuse to, subtly and not too seriously, mess your friends around and not have to feel guilty about it. So, we’re going to take you through some of the best April Fools pranks out there. Of course, each of these can be enacted at various levels on the ‘pranko-metre’. It’s up to you how far you want to go.  

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Top 10 Pranks on April Fools

1 – Fake Lottery Ticket

What is better than winning the lottery? Well, one classic April Fools’ Day prank is to give someone a fake lottery ticket. You can create your own online or at a novelty store. Just make sure that the ticket looks as realistic as possible. When you give the ticket to someone, make sure that they scratch off the numbers and reveal that they’ve won a large sum of money. Ideally millions! If you want to be extra mean you could even celebrate with them, discuss what they’re going to do with all that money, and then watch their reaction when you tell them that it was all a joke. It’s harsh, but brilliant. 

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2 – Fake Parking Ticket

Know a friend with a car? Well, another classic prank is to leave a fake parking ticket on their beloved vehicle. You can create your own using a piece of paper and a pen, or you can buy them online also. The key, yet again, is plausibility. Perhaps wait until you’re out and about with this person, and as they park their car, slip it on the bonnet as you’re both walking away. When they come back they’ll be shocked to see that they’ve received a ticket. If the price is high enough, you could even film their reaction. A parking ticket can really push people over the edge. Of course, if it’s getting out of hand, tell them that it’s a prank and be ready to run away. 

3 – Salt & Sugar Swap

This is perhaps one of the most classic April Fools’ Day pranks, as it’s been around for decades. If this prank was an actor, it would be Dame Judy Dench. Old fashioned as all heck, but somehow still effective. It’s as simple as it sounds, all you have to do is switch the salt and sugar containers in the kitchen. When someone goes to put sugar in their coffee or tea, they’ll end up putting salt instead. It’s a harmless prank that’s sure to get a laugh. Although, it can definitely annoy people. Making a cup of tea, only to find that it’s full of salt, is not ideal for anyone. But who cares? It’s April Fools’ Day. 

4 – Fake Spider

Do you happen to know anyone who has a fear of spiders? Well, if so, this is the perfect prank for them. Fake spiders aren’t too hard to find, they’re usually available in lots of stores and easy to purchase online. Once you’ve got your hands on one, choose the perfect time and place. Place it somewhere where the person will see it, but also in a location that will shock them the most. Under someone’s bed sheets is always a popular choice, because this will probably mean they’ll see it late at night. Scary stuff. You could also hang it from a ceiling, or put it in someone’s shoes. Yet again, once they realise it’s a prank, be prepared to be chased around the house.

5 – Fake News Story

“Did you hear about the UFO that was found in Texas today?”. If you want to fool someone on April Fools’ Day, try creating a fake news story and telling it to someone. Ideally, you’d want some sort of article or social media post to back it up. But if you haven’t got that, you’ll just need to ensure you act your socks off. The key is to ensure that the story is believable and doesn’t go too far. This is also because you don’t want to cause any harm or upset anyone. Acknowledge what the individual is interested in, use this for inspiration. If you get more people in on it then it will be easier for that person to start believing you. When they start reacting to the story, you can reveal that it was all a joke.

6 – Fake Poop

This is another absolute classic prank that’s been around for years. It’s pretty self-explanatory but there is also some creativity and imagination needed. All you have to do is buy some fake dog poop and place it somewhere where someone will see it. Now, due to this prank’s popularity, many people are used to seeing fake poop around. Therefore, you’re going to need to be a little more imaginative. If you really want to it to land, you could prank an individual who has a pet already. This will increase popularity. 

7 – Fake Snake

If you’re less interested in pranking with a spider, why not try with a snake? This is another classic prank that’s sure to scare someone. Find yourself a fake snake – again easy to find – and select someone who really doesn’t like snakes. Try to find a time where a snake might actually appear. If you don’t live somewhere where snakes usually live – such as the UK – try waiting until you’re on a walk with that person, or somewhere more exotic. They’re likely to jump out of their skin if you execute it to perfection. As always, timing and context is the key here. 

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8 – Cling Film Door

This is one of the most hilarious pranks you can do, but do make sure you do it to someone who can take a joke. Also, make sure that whoever the individual is doesn’t have easily breakable bones. First things first, get some cling film and put it over a door frame. Due to its transparency it will ideally be undetectable. Next thing, call this person in from another room, and wait for them to arrive. It’ll be even funnier if they run in of course. When they enter, they’ll bash into the cling film and potentially fall over. This prank works even better if its their face that makes contact with the cling film. 100% try this one at home.  

9 – Fake Phone Call

Prank phone calls have been around since the phone was invented essentially. But it seems that they’re used less and less nowadays. This is probably because so many people get actual cold calls now anyway, that it’s less likely that someone will want to stay on the line or even answer an unknown number. However, perhaps we can bring this back. Find an indivdual that you want to prank and change your name on their phone to someone else’s. This could be one of their family members or another important contact. This means that when you call or text them, they’ll think it’s someone else. The rest is up to your creativity. What would be a really funny thing for them to be told by that person? Let your mind run wild. 

10 – Fake Cannabis Brownie

Ever heard of the placebo brownie? We would never recommend spiking anyone with recreational drugs, it isn’t a good idea and can easily turn into a sour situation. But what about the opposite? Give your friend a regular chocolate brownie and, once they’ve eaten it, pretend that it had cannabis in it. See if the placebo effect is true. WebMD writes:

“Sometimes a person can have a response to a placebo. The response can be positive or negative. For instance, the person’s symptoms may improve. Or the person may have what appears to be side effects from the treatment. These responses are known as the “placebo effect.”

Hopefully, they’ll start to feel like they are high. A couple of hours later you can reveal that the brownie was in fact a usual one, and had no THC in it whatsoever. Prank!


These were 10 ideas for April Fools Day pranks this year. Hopefully you can use as many of them as possible. Nonetheless, whatever you decide to do this April Fools’ Day, remember that it’s a time for not taking life too seriously. We have the rest of our lives for that. Enjoy. 

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