IndicaOnline Launches Social Equity Program

With a goal to foster inclusivity and diversity in the business, IndicaOnline, a leading point-of-sale (POS) software provider for the cannabis sector, has launched its Social Equity Program. The initiative comes after the government introduced a social equity program to support social equity license holders by offering grants or financial assistance to cover the costs of starting and running a cannabis business, including funding for business plan development, marketing and branding, legal fees, and other operational costs. 

The IndicaOnline program provides eligible Social Equity license holders with a one-year free subscription to the Elite plan. The IndicaOnline Social Equity Program was created to give business owners who fit one or more of the following requirements an advantage: 

  • Not a customer of IndicaOnline; 
  • The store’s owner belongs to one of the underrepresented groups in the cannabis market (such as a person of color, a woman, or a veteran with a disability); 
  • The store owner had previously been convicted of marijuana-related offenses or suffered adverse effects from the War on Drugs before state legalization; 
  • Not having a history of selling cannabis to children or a violent crime in the past. 
  • A state agency has currently granted the store a social equity license. 

What Does the Elite Plan Include

A variety of services and solutions are provided by the IndicaOnline Elite plan to support the growth and success of cannabis businesses.

A new cannabis dispensary would greatly benefit from the 6,000 dollars in savings that the one-year subscription offers businesses. A configurable point of sale system, sophisticated reporting and analytics, customizable marketing campaigns, and integration with top industry software and hardware vendors are all part of the strategy. 

IndicaOnline understands the value of providing a level playing field for all cannabis business owners, particularly for those who have been harmed by the War on Drugs or because they are members of a minority group. from the Social Equity Program these businesspeople receive the tools and assistance they require to succeed. This thorough program will give qualified business owners the tools they need to launch, expand, and succeed in the future. IndicaOnline is proud to be one of the first companies in the field to come up with a Social Equity initiative. You can apply to our social equity program here.

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