Fun Facts About Cannabis, Sex, and Valentine’s Day

But is this is a case of shopper’s succumbing to clever marketing, or are more people celebrating with cannabis than ever before? Verano Holdings commissioned a study to find out.

Wired Research conducted a survey among 961 nationally representative Americans over the age of 21 and found 61% planned to incorporate cannabis into their 2023 Valentine’s Day plans.

One in four of those respondents believe cannabis improves sexual performance.

And is it sexy young singles showing up with a new kind of flower for their lover? Nope. Parents are more likely than non-parents to gift cannabis to their partner this year.

Stigma around the plant is slowly waning and each state that legalizes brings in a new wave of cannabis-friendly shoppers.

For instance, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Jersey all legalized in the last 12 months. Wired Research reported adults in the Northeast are most likely to include cannabis in their V-Day plans compared to those in other regions. Coincidence?

As more people decide to use cannabis to spread the love as opposed to alcohol, companies are also stepping up their efforts to promote safe consumption.

One company in Colorado went so far as to partner with the Department of Transportation (DOT) to encourage responsible use during the holiday.

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