Brands we Admire – Volume 1 Kushy Punch

Over the past three years, CRATIV  has had the honor of working with many unique, ground-breaking brands. Through our partnerships with our customers we have been featured in social media posts, podcasts, television programs and print media. We have been given so much love from the cannabis community that we thought we would give back and do a series of articles around the brands we admire. Some brands that we feature will be those that use our packaging  and some of the brands will be those that we may not be using our packaging products.

The first brand we would like to discuss is Kushy Punch ( Kushy Punch manufactures Kushy Gummies (a full spectrum oil THC gummies), Kushy Vape (a line of strain specific vapes), as well as a variety of CBD products. The story of Kushy Punch can be traced back to 2014 “when Kushy CBD’s founder and CEO Ruben Cross decided to pivot away from cultivation and towards building a lasting, trusted brand that could meet the medical and recreational needs of the fast-growing cannabis community and beyond.”1 Their products are premium quality as well as delicious! In addition to winning numerous awards, Kushy punch has developed a devout following that uses words such as “effective, amazeballs, and award worthy”1 to describe their product offerings.

Kushy 1 225x300Kushy Punch’s brand is reminiscent of the times when Scooby Doo was king and bell bottoms were fashionable (for the first time). The psychedelic, fun loving brand makes us want to lace up our roller skates and head down to the local soda fountain to hang out with friends. Kushy Punch has done an exceptional job of marrying a fun brand with quality cannabis products. The logo is clean as well as unique and is easily recognizable in any dispensary.

That being said, hey Kushy Punch!  If you are reading this (which we hope you are) we think our packaging would be a great fit for your product portfolio! We have a mini that would be perfect for your 4-pack of gummies and our new Slim would be perfect for your Vape pens or your 10 packs of gummies.  We would love to be considered as a resource for your packaging needs. Check the photo to the left of this article to see how slick your 4-pack of gummies would look in the CRATIV Mini!

We wish Kushy Punch positive cannabis vibes and we hope their business grows exponentially over the coming years.  If anyone at Kushy Punch or any other potential customers would like a sample of our product portfolio we would be more than happy to send you samples.  Just send Amy Wessman a note at or give us a shout at 720.651.9384.


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