OGKB aka OG Kush Breath Weed Strain Information and Review

From time to time, we may have “one of those days” where the only thing that could take the edge off is a puff or two on a fine spliff. And not just any weed will do; you need a literal champion, so allow us to introduce the 2018 award-winning, Melonade strain. 

The Melonade cannabis strain took a well-deserved first place for Best Sativa Flower in the 2018 Central Valley Cannabis Cup, as well as claiming a few titles at the 2019 High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup, including 3rd for Best Hybrid Flower for Melonade no.7.  This exquisite strain is more than just flavor since it packs a 20% – 27% THC punch that is likely to put a newb in their place. 

The Melonade weed strain is certainly considered to be a top-shelf strain. However, a decline in stock and availability is leading some to believe that it may be a dying breed, which is a tragedy in itself. If you are searching for the Melonade marijuana strain specifically, consider broadening your scope to include Melonade strain vapes or dabs, and you may have more luck. 

Melonade strain attributes:
ORIGIN Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree
EFFECTS Creative, aroused, focus
FLAVORS Watermelon, candy, diesel
ADVERSE REACTIONS Pain, muscle spasms,
fibromyalgia, appetite loss, insomnia
MEDICAL Dizziness, hunger,
tinglyness and couchlock
THC CONTENT % 20% to 27%
CBD % 0.27% – 0.55%
INDICA/SATIVA % 10% – 90%
INDOOR YIELD 1.9 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 21+ oz per plant
HEIGHT 5 feet
GROWTH LEVEL Easy to medium

Melonade strain genetics

The popular parents of the Melonade strain lineage are evident in both its name and its flavor, with Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree strains handing down their delectable genetics.

Watermelon Zkittles is the result of combining Watermelon Kush with Zkittles Strain. The result is an indica dominant hybrid with a 25% THC content that’s loved for its happy, carefree-inducing highs. As the name might suggest, its flavor is that of watermelon meets candy with strong notes of grape and citrus. 

Lemon Tree makes up the other half of the Melonade strain genetics. This award-winning strain is the result of a Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel cross, known for its strong citrus flavor and thick diesel pungence. Lemon Tree is a balanced hybrid strain that, when smoked, brings on a chilled high with calm, euphoric feelings with a mellow come down despite its 25% THC level.  

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Is the melonade strain indica or sativa? 

After smoking it, any doubt about the Melonade strain sativa or indica dominance is quite clear, leaving users feeling the invigorated and uplifting effects that sativa strains are known for. The Melonade strain has a hefty 90% sativa to 10% indica ratio making it a fantastic mid-day smoke that will get you energized without a loss of focus. 

As with many cannabis strains, there is much speculation around the origins of the Melonade strain and who gets credited as the original breeder. Some of the prime candidates are Dying Breed Seeds, AlienLabs, and Midwest Best, although AlienLabs popularized the strain with their version of it. 

How to grow the melonade strain

Specific Melonade strain info on growing your plant will depend on which phenotype you have, although in general, they have easy to medium growing difficulty and generous yields. The Melonade strain makes cultivating indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse a pleasure and especially a treat for beginners that want to try their hand at cultivating chronic. A healthy resistance to pests and mildew are just some of the appealing traits of the Melonade marijuana strain, not to mention the beautiful fruit it produces. 

The dense, sticky nuggets that the Melonade strain produces are medium-sized and bright green in color, yet with a thick trichome frosted coating, its hue is lightened to an olive shade with darker undertones. With amber pistils intertwining in and out of the fluffy surface of its spade-shaped buds, it almost looks like the landscape of a foreign planet. It may require some hunting, but Melonade seeds are worth having.     

Zkittlez cannabis strain

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  • 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • High THC level towards 23%
  • Easy growing strain
  • A great strain for relaxation

Growing melonade outdoors

Melonade strains’ growing height will depend largely on the environment and conditions it’s grown in, the supplier of the seeds, and which phenotype it may be. However, for a sativa-dominant plant, its height isn’t particularly tall, reaching around 5 feet. It performs well in a warm, humid climate with occasional pruning to encourage healthy airflow

Melonade’s flowering time 

The Melonade strain’s flowering time will usually depend on the phenotype you have, namely Melonade No.7 and Melonade No. 5, but it ranges between 6-9 weeks with flowering starting around day 45. Outdoor cultivators can prepare for a mid-October harvest

How much does the melonade strain yield?

Melonade strain comes from a line of generous yielders, and keeping up with the family tradition, this strain will try its best to make your season. Although the end results will always depend on the source of your seeds and your personal skill and expertise. On average, indoor growers can expect 1.9 oz/ft2 and 21+ oz per plant outdoors. 

Melonade strain effects 

So, is Melonade a good strain? All-rounder strains that provide awesome effects, great flavor, quality bud, and long-lasting highs generally don’t come cheap, and it’s for this reason that the Melonade strain price is completely justified. This is the perfect bud to give you that mid-afternoon pep that’ll send your mind into euphoric overdrive yet still allow you to continue on with your day focused. 

The Melonade strain effects for the most part are mentally uplifting and energizing, with a strong cerebral buzz kicking in almost immediately. You may find yourself being more talkative, creative, and possibly even aroused. However, depending on how much you choose you to consume, the effects may become more sedative and physically relaxing. 

The Melonade strain has been mentioned for alleviating the symptoms and discomfort associated with many ailments such as, pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, appetite loss, and insomnia. Many have even relied on it to help them deal with personal issues like social anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, and mood swings. Side effects seem to be minimal with dry eyes and cottonmouth being the most prominent. Dizziness, hunger, tinglyness, and couchlock have also been reported. 

Melonade strain terpenes 

Just like the name would suggest, the flavor palate is composed of sweet flavors of ripe melon with a fruity citrus undercurrent, while the taste of melon and lemon is bold on the exhale. Its fragrance is gentle on the nose and certainly not as pungent as its parent strains. Elements of earth, herbs, citrus, and spice make up its layered aroma displaying its dominant terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Myrcene.

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