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Hemper has the right tools for the job this 420.

420 is coming up fast, and that means it’s the ideal moment to upgrade your stash in preparation for the big day. After all, nothing ruins a big social smoke out like a busted old bong or faulty joint roll. Thankfully, there’s Hemper. They’ve got all the glass, gear, and accessories you could ask for—with a few surprises you didn’t even know you needed—and they’ve even cooked up some special deals to make the season all the sweeter.

Hemper is celebrating 420 all month long with a sitewide 20% off sale. Use code 420 at checkout to snag the deal.

As if that weren’t enough, the crew at Hemper will also be giving away over a thousand dollars of their high-quality products to some lucky 420 shoppers! Follow Hemper on Instagram for more details.

A longtime favorite of cannabis experts and newbies alike, Hemper is the definitive online headshop. They’ve got deep stocks of everything you need to keep your stash shipshape like rolling papers and grinders, as well as big-ticket glass like bongs & rigs. You’ll also find heaps of unique cannabis accessories that you won’t find anywhere else, and they’ll deliver them all straight to your door. 

Let’s take a look at just a small sampling of the incredible products Hemper has ready for 420. 

Hemper Trippy Mushroom Box

Courtesy of Hemper

If you’re a fan of the convenience and variety offered by monthly subscription services, then Hemper has the perfect opportunity for you to send yourself a present every month. Their subscription box features all the stylish cannabis accouterments that you could ask for, making you the talk of the smoking circle time and again. The hero of their April box is the Trippy Mushroom bong, a magical little wonder that deserves a place of pride in your stash. This pixie-sized bong comes in at just six inches tall, so there’s plenty of space in your box for heaps of other great Hemper gear. 

Hemper offers a smaller Core box and a supersized XL variant in addition to the standard Hemper box, so you can select the size that fits. If you prefer the portability of pipes, the Core box is for you; serious cannaseurs who appreciate a titanic rip should upgrade themselves to the Hemper box XL.

If this all sounds so good you wish you heard about it last month, fear not: Hemper is offering a special 420 buy one, get one half off on past theme boxes. Who says you can’t go back in time? 

Courtesy of Hemper

Hemper Quick Hitters

Courtesy of Hemper

It can be hard for the cannabis enthusiast on the go. Traveling with a fragile glass piece of sentimental value can be a risky proposition, but time apart from your favorite gear can be just as tough. Hemper Quick Hitters are high-quality, one-hit glass pipes that are ideal for those little moments away from home when you need a quick pick-me-up.

If that was all, Quick Hitters would still be a dog-walk essential, but they even have a trick up their sleeve. Hemper has equipped these one-hitters with a boost of fruit flavor made with real fruit terpenes. Just squeeze the end til you hear a pop and enhance your cannabis with a burst of flavors like banana, blueberry, mango, watermelon, and grape. If you prefer the raw flavor of your cannabis unbridled, Hemper has unflavored Quick Hitters for you, as well.

Get 20% off sitewide with code 420 at checkout. Valid April 1–30.

Goody Mini Rig Kits

Courtesy of Hemper

Goody Glass is a storied glass brand that seeks to make smoking gear that’s as fun as it is functional. This 420, pick up one of their mini rig kits from Hemper and experience how smoking from high-quality glass can enhance your favorite strains. These mini rigs are expertly designed to cool down the vapor while minimizing air contact, ensuring an incredibly smooth and flavorful hit, every single time. Goody has an incredibly diverse series of rigs, each with a unique personality and functionality that makes them as much fun to collect as to use. They’ve got glass inspired by emojis, food, animals, and some things only their artisan team could dream up. 

KRYO bongs

Courtesy of Hemper

If you’re a fan of the ol’ ice cubes in the bong trick, then you owe it to yourself to check out Kryo bongs. This high-end line of freezable glassware is infused with a revolutionary, all-natural Glycerin based substance known as Kryogel, which chills the smoke as it passed through the Kryo-chamber. This ice-cold addition results in an unquestionably clean, flavorful, and smooth smoking experience. You can get your KRYO glass in a variety of sizes of bong and pipes, each with a modern look and slick design. Try them this 420; you’ll get chills. 

Smokefiends filters

Courtesy of Hemper

While embracing the skunky aromas of burning weed is the way of the cannabis enthusiast, even the most dedicated of smokers realize that there’s a time and place for lighting up your loudest bud. The list of places where you can smoke without fear of being too loud can get a lot longer, thanks to Smokefiends.

These portable smoking companions help eliminate the smoke and odors with every exhale, so you can spare your furniture or smoke-sensitive companion the aggravation. Smokefiends filters are biodegradable and available in a variety of fun designs, so there’s no reason not to pick up a few and smoke proudly this 420.

Get 20% off sitewide with code 420 at checkout. Valid April 1–30.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of 420 goodness available from Hemper. They have a gigantic selection of glass, gear, and accessories that cannabis lovers love, including your new favorite piece. All you need to do is go find it.

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