Striving for Sustainable Packaging | Crativ Packaging

Striving for Sustainable Packaging | Crativ Packaging

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In the cannabis industry, your company’s brand image starts as soon as a customer lays eyes on your packaging. It’s a vital first impression that can make your potential customer relate to your brand, buy your product, and establish a lasting relationship; or it can result in being looked over, forgotten, and left on the shelf amongst your competitors. 

Sustainable packaging can be an important part of your brand identity. It can add an element that goes beyond the look and feel of your branding in crafting your identity and make your brand resonate even further with your customer. Not only will you benefit the environment, but you’ll do your part in adding to a movement to reach a more sustainable future in the cannabis industry. Here are some features to ensure your packaging promotes a sustainable future.

Sustainable Packaging: Things to Look Out For

  • Alternative Resins: Polyethylene is traditionally produced from fossil fuels. But recent materials have utilized more sustainable sources like sugarcane. Unlike fossil fuels, sugarcane and other similar resources are renewable because plants are grown every year. As a result, the production of ethanol-based polyethylene contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eliminated Flame Treatment: Flame treatment used to be necessary to allow water-based adhesives, inks, and other coatings to bond with bottles, but it’s a process that’s no longer required today. By avoiding this packaging element, you can conserve natural gas and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
  • Weight Reduction: Often, plastic packaging may appear the same from producer to producer, but some companies may use more plastic than others. Choose a package that doesn’t overcompensate with extra bulk and save on costs while reducing your environmental impact.

Is Your Marijuana Packaging Sustainable?

If you’re unsure of what is used in your cannabis product’s packaging, ask your manufacturer. At CRATIV Packaging, we’re environmentally conscious champions for sustainable packaging and cannabis. Through custom packaging solutions that give your brand the space to express itself while promoting a compassion for the future of cannabis, we’re dedicated to serving the needs of like minded cannapreneurs across the globe.

If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly by emailing or by calling 720.651.9384.

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