New York’s Cannabis Industry Lights Up the East Coast

As more states embrace legalization, women-led initiatives are helping ease the transition from an illicit to a regulated market. Melissa Moore, director of civil systems reform for the Drug Policy Alliance said Women Grow has been key to helping people learn about the cannabis industry.

“Especially in New York, we’ve seen how attending sessions hosted by Women Grow has broadened people’s understanding of the space and how they might fit in,” Moore said.

The United Nations Development Council determined increasing female employment rates in the top 37 high-income countries to match the female employment rates in Sweden would boost gross domestic product by $6 trillion a year.

It’s numbers like these that should encourage everyone to partner with women-owned companies (WOCs).

Cannaclusive Director of Community and Strategy Kassia Graham has seen the power of such partnerships first hand.

“Through partnering with Women Grow, Cannaclusive has been able to aid in putting small, new, WOC-owned brands in the spotlight,” said Graham.

“Women Grow is helping the industry evolve by putting driven, innovative, women-owned and -operated businesses at the forefront of cannabis.”

For all New Yorkers watching the cannabis industry unfold, it’s essential to actively take part in women’s empowerment in the sector.

Buy from WOCs, invest in their ideas, and encourage them to take part in this lucrative sector. It may not be an easy path, but it’s one worth pursuing. “Rejection will not deter us, it inspires us,” Morón said.

Navigating the Complex World of Cannabis Finance

As of March of 2021, people 21 years of age and older can legally purchase cannabis in the state of New York. But legal doesn’t mean easy.

There are complex regulations in place at every stage of the cannabis lifecycle, from grower to consumer. Finding experienced advisors can make the difference between thriving in a competitive marketplace like New York, or floundering under a sea of regulatory red tape.

New York-based Grassi Advisors and Accountants boasts more than four decades of business growth and industry expansion. The firm helps businesses operate efficiently and profitably, minimize tax liabilities, ease the financial audit process, and reduce risk.

Navigating Complexities

The cannabis industry is far from conventional. Growers, operators, and retailers need more than traditional tax and accounting advice to achieve long-term success. Grassi’s cannabis advisors provide the guidance and resources that cannabis, industrial hemp, and CBD businesses require to maximize tax savings, secure funding, manage cash flow, implement technology, and navigate other complicated decisions.

Grassi has deep roots in New York’s cannabis industry, having advised growers, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries since medical marijuana was first legalized in the state.

“There are many complexities in this industry,” said John Pellitteri, cannabis practice leader at Grassi.

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