High-yielding autoflowering strains from Homegrown

Get dream-sized harvests fast with high-yielding auto standouts from the experts at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Harvest size depends on several factors: training, feeding, light exposure, and, critically, genetics. That’s why ambitious growers should consider starting with high-yielding autoflowering strains.

Below are six strains available from Homegrown Cannabis Co. whose high-yielding genetics place them shoulder-to-shoulder with long-flowering photoperiods. Sow these seeds, optimize your setup, and reap the rewards of impressive yields without the wait.


Why you should start growing your own cannabis with Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Purple Punch

high-yielding autoflowering strains
Image courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

A cross of two classics, Purple Punch has incredible bag appeal and desirable growth traits. Its parent strains are Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, indica superstars with buzzy highs, moderate THC levels, and complementary aromas. With their forces combined, Purple Punch is nothing short of a delight: fruit-flavored, heavy-hitting, and soothing to the bone.

Purple Punch plants are short, squat, hardy, and resistant to mold, pests, and pathogens. They thrive outdoors in well-fertilized organic soil. Light pruning, moderate feeding and watering, and high sunlight exposure supercharge the harvest potential.

Bud Lights

With Northern Lights and Big Bud in its family tree, Bud Lights promises superior yields of top-quality nugs. It’s a hard-hitting hybrid with THC-rich flowers, quintessential indica-like effects, and an old-school flavor profile. The pungent earth scent brings out its fruity sweetness, and stress melts off the body after several puffs. Besides its immense recreational value, this cultivar has several medical applications.

Plants from Bud Lights are taller than most autoflowers, and it takes some skill to grow them. They perform best in controlled indoor setups with hot, dry, and steady conditions. Their dense foliage requires regular pruning and strong lamps to ensure excellent light exposure.


It takes a village to start a home cannabis grow


high-yielding autoflowering strains
Image courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Runtz is a Zkittlez x Gelato cross, so no wonder it’s a dream come true for sweet-tooth tokers. This rare beauty has hybrid genes, feel-good effects, and a dessert-tier bouquet. Its resin-drenched buds deliver berry-spice scents and a tension-busting, long-lasting high ideal for type-A personalities, creatives, and overstressed individuals.

Runtz plants are small, with broad lateral branches and dense foliage. They flourish in hot and dry environments with a light breeze and plenty of sunlight exposure. They’re rather hungry, so feed generously to get the buds heavy and dense.

Wild Hog

Another member of the Northern Lights family, Wild Hog is a rare indica-dominant hybrid. It borrows the branch-breaking harvest potential of Critical Mass, setting the standard for productive autos. It’s a relatively gentle toke with moderate THC levels and happy, soothing effects. The buds offer a fruity-sweet aroma with a spicy kick. Overall, it’s a feel-good, post-work strain nobody should miss.

Wild Hog plants are short and nearly effortless to raise. They grow best indoors and enjoy controlled hydroponic setups. The bud heft may overwhelm the branches in late flowering, so add bamboo stakes to avoid snapping.


high-yielding autoflowering strains
Image courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Leafly Strain of the Year winner, Dosidos, is an indica-dominant GSC hybrid. The medical-grade body high and earthy flavors of its Face Off OG parent make it an even more therapeutic version of the fan-favorite GSC. The buds are crystalline and sweet-smelling, with violet hues and floral funkiness adding to their bag appeal. This strain is known for a body buzz and cerebral euphoria, ideal for lazy days at home.

Dosidos plants remain tiny in confined spaces and reach moderate heights outdoors. They’re suitable for growers of all skill levels, thriving with minimal outside assistance. Occasional pruning, regular feeding, and shelter from the elements are all Dosidos needs to produce heavy yields.

Wedding Cake

high-yielding autoflowering strains
Image courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Wedding Cake, another past Leafly Strain of the Year winner, is an indica-dominant Animal Mints x Triangle Kush cross. It uplifts the mind, calms the body, and sweetens your afternoons. Medical marijuana patients choose Wedding Cake for assistance with pain, appetite loss, and insomnia. The flavor profile is mouth-watering, with berry, grape, citrus, and pepper notes over a vanilla base.

Wedding Cake plants are tiny and adaptable to soil and hydroponic setups. They’re vulnerable to physical harm, so grow indoors or install a greenhouse in your backyard. Use quality nutrients, occasionally prune the fan leaves, and let your garden thrive under powerful lights.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. makes sure no one grows alone

This list of high-yielding autoflowers promises six ample harvests, and many more top strains await your curiosity at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Stay tuned for BOGO offers to claim more seeds for less money and care well for your plants to get more buds in less time. Once you master the basics, consider low-stress training for even better results.

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