Everything You Need to Know About THC Lube

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and hopefully you did too.

If not, sorry. There’s always next year, tomorrow, later this afternoon, on the beach, or in Barnes and Noble. Love and sex don’t have to be just one day a year because the calendar says so.

With that in mind, Cannabis & Tech Today has been doing some extensive research on THC Lube and things you need to know before you jump in head first.

There are now several brands that make lube containing THC, which is different from CBD lube, kind of like the difference between a Chevy Bolt and a Tesla. Sure, they are both EV’s, but one will get you there much quicker.

Increased Sensitivity

Weed Lube or lube infused with THC is designed to give you a better orgasm. Sorry guys, this mostly applies to ladies only (for now). Overall, these lubes amplify sensitivity and intensify orgasms.

Research has shown that people using THC lube feel a warm tingling sensation and the effects can last from two to four hours, so the chance of multiple orgasms is very high.

Does It Make You Feel High?

There have been reports of people feeling high when they apply THC lube, but it’s not a common occurrence. You can get high if you eat THC lube … wait for it … yup, now you get it.

THC lube is different from standard lube because it takes between 10-30 minutes to “kick in.” Think of it as an edible for your privates.

Regular lube works immediately and does not have the same active ingredients as THC lube and is just used to lubricate, not to enhance.

Cannabis lube is designed explicitly for pinpoint effect. Rather than experiencing a head or body high, cannabis lube is localized to where you apply it. Which brings us to application.

Applying THC Lube

With standard lube, you can splash that stuff all over like salsa on a chimichanga.

THC lube can cost between $30 and $60 for a 30ml bottle, so you don’t want to use it “all over” — and it doesn’t work all over.

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