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what makes a great dispensary

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and accessible in many countries, with dispensaries popping up everywhere. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2019, about 48.2 million Americans have used marijuana more than once. 

There are thousands of dispensaries across the US, making it more difficult for some consumers to pick one. When it comes to buying anything, especially something like cannabis, you need to know where you’re getting it from. 

A reputable cannabis dispensary should possess essential qualities that ensure customers receive high-quality products and exceptional services. Read on to learn how you can tell whether a dispensary is worth a visit.

It’s essential for a cannabis dispensary to offer safe, high-quality products, like strains, edibles, concentrates, and tinctures. In particular, edibles are filled with marijuana. A lot of people think of brownies when they hear about edibles. However, gourmet chefs can add marijuana to anything, from snacks to desserts. In fact, some dispensaries are equipped with commercial kitchens where tasty treats are prepared. 

In addition to offering excellent products, staff members should provide accurate information about them. Customers should feel confident in their choices once they leave the store, trusting that knowledgeable staff members have addressed their questions or concerns. 

By offering quality products, a cannabis dispensary builds a place where customers feel confident about the selections they receive each visit. In short, good products help establish strong relationships between shop owners and consumers, resulting in higher sales.

Knowledgeable staff members are another trait of a reliable cannabis dispensary. They assist customers in finding the right product that meets their needs and answer any questions they may have about usage or safety concerns. Shops like nuEra Chicago dispensary even offer private consultations with staff members to guide their customers.

The level of expertise that staff members have creates an atmosphere of trust in the dispensary’s services. It shows that the business values its customers and wants to ensure they get what they need from their visit. It also demonstrates professionalism, as well as dedication to providing quality customer service. 

Knowing that there is someone to turn to when considering purchasing cannabis can make all the difference between an enjoyable shopping experience and one filled with confusion and anxiety. Staff can provide you with accurate information about using each product safely and effectively.

For instance, they can share what they know about cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. The amount of each can affect how customers may feel when they use the product. CBD is a compound containing psychoactive properties that give you a euphoric experience usually associated with marijuana. With a staff member’s assistance, you can figure out which level of CBD will be suitable for you. 

On the other hand, THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis, determining a product’s potency and the potential effects on you. 

Furthermore, friendly and helpful employees must understand laws and regulations related to cannabis in their state or country to help customers stay compliant with local rules and regulations when purchasing products from a dispensary. They should also possess sales skills to identify which items will best meet a customer’s needs while maximizing profits for the store. For example, they need to be familiar with the types of cannabis strains to recommend a product that meets a user’s requirements. 

A trustworthy cannabis dispensary should also feature a safe and welcoming environment that attracts customers. Aside from friendly and professional customer service, a shop incorporates the following elements to make buyers feel at home:

  • Security personnel monitoring the premises

  • Adequate lighting in all locations within the store

  • Beautiful artwork displayed on the wall

  • Well-designed furniture

  • A minimalist design

  • Music

These factors treat customers, especially those new to cannabis use, to a positive experience.

Besides a secure and appealing environment, a cannabis dispensary should have a convenient location near public transit stops and offer extended hours of operation, including on weekends or holidays. They should offer parking spaces as well.

Adding to the convenience, plenty of stores offer home delivery, even curbside pickup, for medical marijuana. Some boast a click and collect system that lets customers buy online, place an order, and select a pickup time. 

The right cannabis dispensary practices fair and reasonable pricing and prevents customers from buying more than it’s permitted by state law. Fair prices that they offer not only show their commitment to providing quality services and goods but also demonstrates respect for their customers. Plus, they prove that they’re transparent about its costs. 

A good indicator is the product quality in relation to price. If the products are of the highest quality but are still reasonably priced, that’s a sign you’re getting your money’s worth. On top of prices, take note of special promotions to get a discount. You may stumble across bargains offered to customers who return or purchase large amounts at once.

However, see to it that no hidden fees are involved when buying from a dispensary. Hidden fees can include surcharges on delivery orders, taxes not included in stated prices, and other costs associated with buying their products. Tax rates depend on the type and potency of the product. You can browse social media pages of the shop or Google reviews to confirm whether the product deserves its price point.

A cannabis dispensary should have clear labeling guidelines to ensure consumers are informed of the product they buy. Labels should include information, such as details about the strain, cannabinoid profile, aromatic compounds found in plants, descriptors of terpenes, and any additives or ingredients used in the item’s production. Moreover, a dispensary should indicate whether a product is medical or recreational to avoid consumer confusion. 

However, you can ask a staff member if a product has no description. A general guide with strains would be that if you’re searching for something more calming and sedating, indica is your best bet. But if you’re looking for a livelier experience, then sativa is the perfect strain for you. If you’re into a mixture of both, go for hybrids.  

Customer loyalty programs can help build positive relationships between dispensaries and their patrons. These reward-based initiatives encourage repeat business by providing discounts on future purchases or exclusive access to new products. They also illustrate an appreciation for customer feedback, which further increases consumer confidence in a particular brand.

Apart from customer loyalty programs, a cannabis dispensary should offer discreet packaging options to ensure the privacy of those who purchase from the shop. Customers can choose between plain packages or those labeled with a logo but don’t reveal the contents. 

Staff should also use professional language when discussing orders to avoid revealing anything inadvertently. They should refrain from using phrases like “weed” or any other slang terms to keep customer purchases confidential. 

Maintaining this level of privacy is crucial to create a safe shopping environment where customers can feel comfortable buying whatever they need without judgment or worry. 

A great cannabis dispensary should implement online ordering and delivery systems so that customers can access the products they need without battling traffic or waiting in line. An online ordering system also allows buyers to compare prices, read reviews from other customers, view product descriptions, and see photos of the items before making a decision. 

A shop can take this convenience one step further by having products delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Many dispensaries now offer same-day or next-day delivery. Delivery services benefit not only customers who don’t have the time to pick up their purchases but also those with limited mobility or no car.  

A cannabis growing its own products is a good sign. This quality reassures buyers that the products they get are safe. On top of that, it proves that the shop values transparency in how plants have been cared for with regenerative agricultural practices and other important factors, such as:

Growing conditions:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Light exposure


Growing one’s product has many advantages. Most notably, it allows dispensaries to guarantee consistency in quality, provide ample selections, and offer better pricing since there’s no need to pay intermediaries or suppliers. Lastly, it gives dispensaries an edge over competitors who do not produce their own goods. 


Searching for a well-established cannabis dispensary sounds difficult, but if you’re aware of the qualities that make a great one, you’ll easily find one. The key is doing your research. Check out different dispensaries before making your decision. Read reviews and ask questions.

When visiting a store, pay attention to how the staff interact with customers and share their knowledge of the products. Explore the products and see if there are any discounts or enticing deals offered. 


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