Reusable Marijuana Packaging: Fishing for a Sustainable Future

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As an environmentally conscious company, our first thoughts go to how our marijuana packaging affects the environment. Aiming for a greener future means looking at all areas of our lives where we can make improvements. Because we lead lifestyles that send us outdoors, that often means spending time by lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water with a rod and reel in hand. 

Fishing has been a tradition for many people throughout time, serving as a way for us to connect with mother nature, share a bond between friends and family, and enjoy the wildlife that our aquatic ecosystems produce. As any fisherman will tell you, there’s much more to fishing than tossing a worm on a hook, casting a line, and reeling in a fish. You should hold respect for the water you’re fishing, refrain from leaving trash, and always do your part to fish responsibly so you don’t negatively impact the delicate habitat you’re fishing. 

Upcycle CRATIV Marijuana Packaging for Fishing!

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If you’ve got the same fishing bug that some of us have, upcycle your CRATIV case by taking it with you on your next fishing trip. Aside from safely storing your cannabis products, our CRATIV cases all serve as great palm sized tackle boxes for your crank baits, jigs, flies, spinners, spoons, hook weights, and fishing line. Heck, with a little sod you could also safely store bait worms too! While you’re at it, use the opportunity to share a case with friends and show them how to upcycle it.

Join us as we look to lead a sustainable future in the cannabis industry. For more great ways to upcycle your CRATIV case, stay tuned as we continue to innovate the ways we give back to the Earth. If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly by emailing or by calling us at 720.651.9384.

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