Innovations in Cannabis Advancing Medical Use and Patient Care

But what about those that can’t physically visit a dispensary?

Thankfully, delivery services, while still in their infancy, are emerging. You can’t deliver marijuana legally in most states.

But others, such as Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Colorado, allow it if you have a specific delivery or retail license.

Delivery services accommodate those patients that can’t pick up their cannabis on their own, whether because of mobility issues, debilitating symptoms, or another reason.

More Product Options

Most people picture someone rolling a blunt, or joint, or loading a bowl with flower when it comes to marijuana consumption. However, patients can take advantage of many more product options than flower these days.

Better edibles

Edibles have long been around in the cannabis world. But we’re way past the days of people only making them in their kitchens. And doing so in a way where ingredients aren’t consistent, and there’s no science to it.

There are better edibles today because brands have mastered ingredients, dosage, and cooking techniques. In addition, there are low to high-level THC edibles. And they come in different kinds, like gummies, chocolates, baked goods, mints, and beverages.

Culta defines extracts, stating: “Also known as concentrates, dabs, waxes, and oils, cannabis extracts are a type of refined product where the cannabis essential oils and active compounds are separated from the raw plant material.”

The strong, long-lasting effects of extracts make them popular among recreational marijuana users and medical marijuana patients alike. You can add extracts to a joint or blunt. You can dab or vape with them. You can also add them to topicals, edibles, and capsules.

What about CBD?

Many patients would prefer to get the therapeutic agents of cannabis without the high. That’s where Cannabidiol (CBD) comes in. It’s a compound found in marijuana but doesn’t contain THC, the high-inducing substance.

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