Article- Le Monde: Juicy Fields: The massive online medical cannabis scam that duped thousands

Can cannabis be both therapeutic and a financial windfall? Muriel (who did not wish to give her real name), an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, was convinced of this when she invested €6,500 into Juicy Fields. Although this sleek-looking website promised her a return on her investment, she also believed that its “project was to develop the therapeutic benefits of cannabis” to help “people with autism spectrum disorders.” She even pushed her mother to invest an additional €3,500. But in July 2022, the site suddenly disappeared and their money evaporated.

Yet everything started well for Muriel and thousands of other users of the platform, which was launched as a practical joke on April 1, 2020. It is true that the scheme was enticing; the theory was simple and clear. With a minimum stake of €50, the investor “buys” a cannabis plant and receives the profits from the sale of marijuana to approved buyers, all done legally. Depending on the production of each cannabis plant, Juicy Fields promised to pay out high interest rates, from 36% to 66%, three months later.

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