‘Academy Awards of Cannabis’ Now Accepting Final Entries for 2023

The Emerald Cup is California’s largest and longest-running cannabis competition. Often hailed as the “Academy Awards of Cannabis,” it draws thousands of cultivators and influential C-suite executives from across the state to celebrate the best of the industry.

Celebrities often make special appearances and its after parties have become legendary among industry professionals.

The Emerald Cup is an opportunity for small farmers, breeders, and cannabis creators to be recognized for exceptional work.

While cannabis seems to be edging toward commercialism more every day, the Emerald Cup brings the space back to its roots by focusing on the craft of the herb.

The event’s planners are working to make the 2023 Emerald Cup Awards more memorable than ever with unique performances and insightful educational seminars in addition to showcasing award-winning brands.

This year’s event features informational sessions such as: “A Masterclass in Rolling,” “Small Farms and Social Equity,” “Psychedelic Trip Planning,” and “A Conversation With DCC: How We Can Work Together to Make Positive Change.”

Musical guests include Channel Tres, E-40, Kamaiyah, Lee Fields, and Smoked Out Soul, plus many more. The Emerald Cup is also highlighting several notable speakers, including but not limited to Guy Rocourt, The Dank Duchess, Swami Chaitanya, and Tina Gordon. There will also be hundreds of vendors.

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