Toys R Us alleges New York marijuana store is infringing on trademark

Canada’s federal government is launching a consultation that could lead to amendments to the country’s Cannabis Regulations, which govern the production of legal marijuana.

The notice of intent for the consultation was included in the March 25 edition of the official Canada Gazette publication.


The consultation opens the door to possible cannabis regulatory reforms in several areas, including licensing rules, security requirements, production requirements and packaging and labeling regulations.

According to the notice, Canada’s “legal cannabis industry has matured, the marketplace has evolved, and there is increased knowledge and data on public health and public safety risks associated with certain activities.”

As a result, “Health Canada recognizes there may be regulatory measures that could be made more efficient and streamlined without compromising the public health and public safety objectives in the (Cannabis) Act.”

It’s unknown exactly how the Cannabis Regulations might be amended.

However, the

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