Supply Chain Crisis for Cannabis Brands And Beyond…

Marijuana packaging needs

If you’re in the cannabis industry, then you understand the need for quality marijuana packaging. Finding the right supplier, cost effective materials and shipping methods can all prove to be difficult in today’s market. Whether you’re a new cannabis brand or established in the industry and looking for innovative packaging, there are some things you need to know.

By examining the aspect of packaging within the cannabis industry, we can gain deeper insight into customers. So many people are focused on the product inside, but packaging is one of the most pivotal and important decisions a brand has to make. When discussing packaging, it’s inevitable that the issue of supply chains comes up.

Supply chains

Supply chains are one of the reasons why it’s so difficult for many brands to get quality materials within a short time frame. Another reason why so many struggle to find the right packaging is because there are different specifications that marijuana packaging requires. The Poison Prevention Packaging Act is a great resource if you’re wanting to learn more about the specifics of child-resistant packaging.

Understanding the pandemic’s role

There are multiple different factors that are currently affecting supply chains. One of the most prominent is COVID-19. Decreased workers, as well as increased regulations, have forced many packaging companies to lessen the amount they’re producing. Because many companies choose to rely on overseas production means, they felt increased impact from COVID-19.

Another factor that has influenced the supply chain is the cost of shipping containers. This cost has risen in the past few years, making it difficult for companies to gain access to the shipping methods they need. During the pandemic, shipping prices are the highest they’ve been since 2011. Not only are shipping prices rising, but many ports are struggling to keep up with demand. Bidding wars are generating offers that are three to four hundred percent more for shipping solutions, presenting businesses with challenging financial decisions.  Lastly with the shipping ports backed up, lead times for product and materials are growing, and there is no guarantee businesses will get their product when they need it.  

container shipping port unloading boat to truck

International dilemmas

Money is the top concern of many businesses. If you think that you’re paying too much for packaging, take some time to consider why. If you’re purchasing your supplies from overseas, that might be leading to the marked up price tag. Furthermore, when choosing from packaging suppliers abroad, many experience heightened wait times and tariffs.

For products that have to travel a long distance, finding the right shipping means is essential. This is becoming increasingly difficult, as the price for container shipping from Asia is exponentially growing. With current world-wide prices for shipping a 40-foot container totaling $8,339, businesses are going to need to find a way to source their products without the huge price tag.

Because 80% of the total global trade is carried out by sea, there’s little hope that shipping conditions will improve in the near future. Especially with the holidays coming up, it’s likely that this problem will get worse before it gets better. 

Being intentional about what businesses you purchase packaging material from is one of the best decisions you can make for your cannabis brand. 

Choose CRATIV!

At CRATIV, we have taken steps to minimize lead times and provide our customers with quality products and services in a timely manner and without the added expense of international shipping and tariffs.

CRATIV saw the  shipping crisis coming and adjusted our business model.  CRATIV has successfully transitioned all manufacturing to North America.   Manufacturing in North America allows our customers to get their packaging materials in as little as a week! CRATIV has all products in all colors in stock, so that companies like yours can purchase their materials without having to wait months for delivery.

Our supply chain allows for  accessible and cost effective shipping, providing our customers with the highest quality options for sustainable packaging. With parcel shipments typically taking between 2-6 business days, you don’t have to wait when you choose CRATIV.

CRATIV Solutions provides you premium packaging, enhances your productivity and reduces your cost in shipping and additional fees. We are a comprehensive option for edibles packaging, pre-roll packaging, and vape packaging. Contact us today to learn more about what CRATIV can do for your business.

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