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Looking for marijuana packaging that you and your customers’ can feel good about? There has never been a better time to join the CRATIV Earth movement.

Our team is incredibly proud to announce the latest addition to the CRATIV family; our all-new Plant-based (PB) packaging. CRATIV PB is our most innovative solution to date in sustainable packaging and is made from certified USDA bio-based resins, while maintaining FDA CFR 21 Food Grade material certification.

CRATIV PB also sets a new bar for sustainability as PB recently earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Label. This label displays a product’s bio-based content, which is the portion of a product that comes from a renewable source such as plant or forestry feedstocks.

Utilizing renewable, biobased materials, displaces the need for non-renewable, petroleum-based chemicals and currently biobased products displace around 300 million gallons of petroleum per year in the U.S., or the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road, according to the USDA.

“Products from CRATIV Solutions, Inc. are contributing to an ever-expanding marketplace that adds value to renewable agriculture commodities, creates jobs in rural communities, and decreases our reliance on petroleum.” Said Vernell Thompson, USDA Biopreferred Program Analyst.

At CRATIV Packaging we have committed to manufacturing plant-based and accelerated degradation products, while honoring our commitment to reduce and discontinue manufacturing with traditional plastic.

CRATIV PB is currently available in black, white and natural colors, while offering the availability for direct printing and custom color options, enabling flexible branding solutions. The new PB line has been engineered specifically for pre-roll, edible, and flower producers to find the perfect aesthetic and configuration to bring their products to market in a more sustainable format.

CRATIV PB will be offered in configurations that match our current CRATIV Original and CRATIV Slim designs which can be used as pre-roll packaging, vape packaging, concentrate packaging and edible packaging configurations.


What sets PB Apart:

Manufactured and available in North America
No shipping delays or expensive tariffs
USDA BioPreferred Biobased Program Certified
Made from Plant Based Materials
FDA Title 21 Food Contact Grade
16 CFR 1700.20 Child Resistant Certified
ASTM D3475 Compliant
Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 Compliant
Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 Compliant
Multi-Use Resealable
Creation and disposal supports a Circular Economy



Hungry for more? Come explore all that CRATIV has to offer in sustainability and compare traditional plastics against our new Plant-based and our Accelerator offerings.


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What is Crativ PB?

CRATIV PB is our new certified USDA bio-based resin material

What certifications do you have for CRATIV PB?

USDA BioPreferred Biobased Label

CRATIV PB has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Label. This label displays a product’s bio-based content, which is the portion of a product that comes from a renewable source such as plant or forestry feedstocks. Utilizing renewable, biobased materials displaces the need for non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. In CRATIV PB’s case we achieved a level of 57% biobased carbon content, well above the certification threshold for packaging. This means that ASTM D6866-21 testing showed that 57% of the PB material is made from renewable bio-based sources.

What is PB material composed of?

The resin is a proprietary blend of biopolymers, polymers, and biobased performance enhancing fillers.

If 57% of the packaging is biobased from sustainable sources, what is the other 43% made out of? 

The balance % is made from minerals and traditional hydrocarbon resins. Hydrocarbon resins are typically synthesized from petroleum feedstocks.

Is CRATIV PB safe in marine environments? 

Yes, in addition to being FDA CFR 21 Food Grade, all components in PB are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and non-toxic.

What is the benefit of CRATIV PB?

Utilizing renewable, bio-based materials displaces the need for petroleum-based materials, thus playing an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is the best way to discard packaging after use?

PB is a material that is comprised of a blend of materials that are known to degrade in other applications. As such, it is best practice to evaluate the local waste stream upon disposing of the product. It is recyclable as #7 and accepted in any stream that takes #7, however as a material that breaks down it is not a durable recyclable.

Does CRATIV PB qualify as a product falling under a circular economy?

A circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources. PB is designed to return to soil as naturally occurring components and provide nutrients to a new life of plants.

What is the shelf life of PB? 

CRATIV cases made of PB material have been shown to last over one-year if kept in a clean and dry environment such as a retail or inventory storage setting.

What colors are in plant based packaging available?

CRATIV PB is stocked and available in Black, White, and Natural colors. Custom colors are available however please be advised that this resin has wood fiber fleck that is integral to the base resin. Custom color production is subject to production lead times and minimum order quantities.

When will CRATIV PB be available?

CRATIV PB is available for order now, give our team a call today to request a sample kit and get your PB solution scheduled for delivery.

What is the lead time for ordering CRATIV PB?

General lead time is 6-8 weeks. 



What certifications do you have for Accelerator?

We have ASTM D5511 biodegradation testing in process and are producing positive results. We expect to be able to report appreciable results in Q1 2022. Similar combinations of materials and additives have performed well in this test, we have high confidence in accelerated degradation of this material.

Is Accelerator okay for the recycling stream?

Yes, Accelerator can be recycled in any system that accepts #5.

Does Accelerator generate microplastics?

Accelerator is a traditional resin that has a degradation enabling additive, which degrades the hydrocarbon chains of the resin through hydrolysis, causing a majority of the mass of the product to be released in the form of gasses, which is desirable for methane re-capturing landfills. Accelerator’s additive does not produce microplastics. Please note the definition of a microplastics is a plastic particle smaller than 5mm that is not biodegradable.



What is the difference between the Accelerator and the PB?

The CRATIV Accelerator product line uses an additive that helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the molecular structure to accelerate degradation. It is also fully recyclable.

CRATIV PB is manufactured with a certified USDA bio-based resin. Using renewable bio-based materials displaces the need for petroleum-based materials.


What is the difference in CRATIV case designs between the Accelerator and PB?

The designs are identical: the only difference is the material. PB has a higher density than Accelerator, and so for an identical case it weighs about 25% more in comparison.


Where are the Crativ products made?

The CRATIV Accelerator and PB lines are both manufactured in North America.


Are there changes in the design?

Yes: both the Accelerator and PB product lines utilize the latest and greatest CRATIV designs (known as the CRATIV 2.0). Changes were made to improve the end-user experience with more comfortable and intuitive front opening tab.



CRATIV is committed to our environment and to the sustainable packaging movement.  Our team of engineers and product developers work tirelessly to create sustainable packaging that will drive the future of what packaging can mean to our home and our environment.

Plant-based products from CRATIV Packaging are available for order now. All products meet national CFR child safety requirements, while maintaining USDA-BioPreferred certification and meeting FDA standards for food-grade products.

“CRATIV Earth” is our mission, and we consider it our responsibility to be environmentally friendly with our actions and products. Our motto is “Our Planet, Our Home, Our Responsibility”. We take our responsibility seriously and are continuously sourcing innovative materials and processes which will reduce the burden of plastic generated by marijuana packaging. Our interests are in partnering with our customers to drive and take action with environmentally focused packaging rather than simply talk about what “could be” for the industry.”

Join CRATIV and the sustainable packaging movement today

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