LCB’s Latest Quarterly Newsletter Is Now Live

The LCB’s quarterly newsletter, Topics and Trends, is now live with the spring 2023 cannabis edition on Medium. We hope you enjoy the content and find the information useful. This issue of Topics and Trends features the following stories:

  • Social Equity in Cannabis Updates
  • Introducing Outside Cannabinoids into WA’s Licensed Market is (Mostly) Prohibited
  • Cannabis Retailers with a Medical Endorsement
  • The “Why” of Cannabis Advertising
  • Cannabis Plant Canopy – We’re Listening
  • Keeping Your Email Current with the LCB
  • Cannabis License Renewals
  • Implementing Lockbox Services for Mailed Payments
  • A Quick Celebration… and Changes Coming for Licensees and Others in June
  • Share your thoughts on Topics and Trends!

If you have feedback on topics you’d like to see in coming editions, please email LCB communications staff at

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