CRATIV Accelerated Degradation Results – Available Now! –

One year of ASTM D5511 validated results

It’s been over a year since CRATIV Packaging announced the launch of our proprietary CRATIV Accelerator cannabis packaging products and we are incredibly excited to share the results of our first full year of ASTM D5511 testing.

Before we jump into the results let’s take a quick look at what Accelerator is and why the results of our proprietary Accelerated Degradation materials are so impactful for our industry and our planet.

What is Accelerator? 

Simply put Accelerator is CRATIV Packaging’s solution for sustainable packaging that maintains a premium look and feel while offering significant environmental benefits while reducing our reliance on traditional plastic products.

CRATIV Accelerated Degradation materials are ASTM validated, food-grade materials with a degradation accelerating additive and manufactured locally in North America.

Unlike other biodegradable plastics on the market CRATIV accelerator does not depend on sun-light to break down the molecular chains in a traditional plastic, and more importantly CRATIV Accelerator DOES NOT create harmful microplastics while breaking down! 



Accelerated Degradation by CRATIV Packaging


Accelerator products have a Polypropylene (PP) base material.  Polypropylene (PP) materials are easily recyclable in all #5 recycle streams and are considered safe for upcycling and reuse.

While we hope consumers recycle our products, we understand that not all states have the infrastructure built for recycling materials.  You can have the confidence knowing IF CRATIV Accelerator products end up in landfill they will degrade quicker than polypropylene products or traditional plastics. 

What is ASTM D5511?

CRATIV Packaging’s proprietary blend of accelerated degradation materials underwent its first year of ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing.  ASTM D5511 is the preferred standard testing method for determining biodegradation of plastic material in landfills!  

Are you ready for the results?
We are proud to report that in just one-year CRATIV’s Accelerator products have degraded 26.8% without creating any microplastics as a biproduct, compared to the control (traditional plastic) which degraded 0%!

ASTM D5511 CRATIV Accelerator Test Results

Change for today, Change for the future:

Even with the tremendous results we have gained today, we are not stopping our ASTM D5511 testing!  CRATIV Accelerator will remain in the ASTM D5511 test environment so we can continually track and report out the amazing results!

As more states prepare and go-live with recreational adult-use marijuana sales, be on the lookout for packaging regulations that require license holders to use sustainable packaging!  Select States are requiring license holders to have a plan to increase sustainability in their operations. These include a waste reduction plan, water usage reduction plan, and sustainable packaging plan that reduces or eliminates the use of single-use plastics and promotes the use of recyclable or green packaging. Some States may even offer incentives to use sustainable packaging!  

At CRATIV we understand you have many cannabis packaging options to choose from and we are here to partner with you, listen to your needs, innovate and win together in the cannabis industry!  As you consider sustainable marijuana packaging, be sure to ask about testing, test results, and microplastics! 

Contact CRATIV today to learn more about our sustainable cannabis packaging options. 


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