Amazon Hemp Gummies | REVIEW

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*These will NOT get you HIGH. There are no products on amazon that will get you high because they do not allow the sale of cannabis products on the site.*

I like looking for natural over the counter products that help improve people’s mental health. I stumbled upon Hemp Gummies while on Amazon looking for anxiety reducers and decided to try them. I discuss the results in this video. The product I purchased, Keylor Nutrition Hemp Gummies, are no longer available on Amazon. It included 4,000 mg of Hemp Oil per gummy, 60 pieces total and cost me $20. I don’t know why they’re not available anymore. I have noticed that since I bought the gummies, people are making Hemp gummies with more hemp oil, such as up to 1,000,000 MG, at least that’s what they claim.

Keep in mind that the supplements industry is not required to provide scientific testing that proves the product does what the label says, it just has to be safe for consumption. Sometimes manufacturers take advantage of this and may use more fillers and less of the active ingredient to reduce their costs and increase their profits. So make sure you read the reviews, not just the good reviews, the bad ones too.

The marketing for these Hemp seed oil gummies is interesting, happy people in photos with lots of lighting. Some product pages on Amazon have a photo of a doctor 😆. Lots of them have cannabis leaves all over, keep in mind the Hemp Seed Oil gummies are made from the seeds not the leaves of the hemp plant. It’s a good money maker. These are also more expensive than flaxseed oil pills and fish oil pills.

Omega Fatty Acids have a half life of about 36 hrs, so it actually takes a while for them to give you a full strength effect. It takes a couple of weeks before they’re at full strength, hence why I had to go back and think about the benefits one month later.

I plan to make a video identifying some over the counter anti-anxiety pills.

Maxi Bears has good reviews and was a contender when I bought my gummies in April 2020. Link below. I’ll also add a link to the Omega 3’s that I bought in case you are interested.

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MAXIBEARS Hemp Gummies 1,000,000 MG
Omega 3 Fish Oil 2250mg – Burpless Capsules – Arazo Nutrition (120 Count)

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